Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Adventures of Wilbur

I am worried about Wilbur, his new owner has been teaching him bad habits. He was turned into a bartender and made to pour drinks despite being underage during the day, followed by a bowling session where Wilbur was nearly run over by a returning ball. He does seem to enjoy being a daredevil, he stood his ground when the local dog came and checked him over whilst skateboarding in his new patch. He also couldn't resist sneaking behind the wheel of the VW to take it for a joyride, luckily for us his feet couldn't reach the ignition key so he wasn't able to move it. In the last picture you can see why the local dog didn't take kindly to him as there is definitely a resemblance between him and the local scourge of the neighbourhood Boots the cat.

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