Friday, May 21, 2010

Introducing Leonard In New Zealand

Leonard finds himself alone in a strange land.

As he contemplates his surroundings the sun begins to rise. A local to the area asks him if he is in need of a job. "OK, says Leonard." He doesn't really know what awaits him.

He is given a tour of the winery by the owner's dog who despite his demeanor is actually very pleased to have a new employee and potential drinking buddy.

For his first task Leonard must master the art of driving a forklift. Despite his best efforts he cannot man the controls and drive at the same time.

He is finally given a more suitable task, the monitoring of sophisticated equipment. Leonard is happy, he still has much to learn but he hopes to have his own vineyard one day.

Thanks to Sam for the very speedy report of Leonard's arrival. Coming soon a Wally special and updates from Ivan. Keep them coming !!

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